sunday..tomorrow is another new day..

SUNDAY, how a boring day for work…..
why so little customers today, made me bored like hell here, tot wanna show off today, coz weared more difference than usual…but, SIGH….
Colleagues said bcoz today is sunday and also end of the month ppl almost finish their money and somemore today is sunday, they said: GAL, YOU TOT TOMORROW NO NEED TO WORK ARRRR"….oh ya hor, tomorrow is monday already, so fast, luckily tomorrow no class i can have a good sleep….my average sleeping time per day is only 5hoursso cham..tired like hell almost gonna exhaust…almost late to coll everyday, the funny things is i answered lecturers b4 they asking me why am i late…""aren’t u gonna to ask me why am i late today?? do u know that i seriously love ur class very much, although i’m late but i still come, so pls forgive me""
actually wanna type in chinese word but so sad, i din managed to use it…so use english is easier but sometimes difficuit to express my mind and feeling…
a stubborn cow is waiting for me in my Kopitiam from few hrs b4 til closing to Muni to eat my favourite food "Loh She Fan"…how a good fren…


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