For smart Taurus- Reuben

for my best fren who is smart, intelligent, diligence, approachable, sympathy, humorous, good in patience, friendly, kindness, thrifty, responsible, modest, beam with smiles, can sing very well, adept in musical instrument……(too many advantage can’t indicate in once)

honestly, u are the only one who has so many good attitude and good personality that i knew..although your fashion sense are poor but u also got ur own opinion and i like it, bcoz u said " seriously wat u wear also very nice, with cap without cap , skirt or pants" hahahz…

thank you for teaching & helping me in my studies and you are the only one who speak English to me daily and try to help me improve my English. you also is a best audience and consultant….coz you always gave a some advice and comforted after listened to my problem and story…

lastly, i will appreciate every single moment that we talk a lot at ease in unrestrained topic, laugh together, discuss together, share the happiness…SERIOUSLY, I FELT SO HONOR HAVING A BEST FREN LIKE U…



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