“PLS” love secrets

I love intelligent people. They know how to appreciate things and open up their hearts when something is good. I look for confidence and security in a man, someone that can support me and bring out the best in me. I want someone that is fun and interesting, that I could talk to. Funny is good. It breaks the ice and makes you laugh. I like kinda tall- taller than me. Kinda slim too, but it doesn’t matter so much. Someone who likes to go out and do stuff and is not too smothering. Someone who is fun to spend time with, has a sense of humour and becomes my best pal. I think there’s a certain amount of mystery I need in any relationship. There is a trust and a real friendship that has been established. It is a support system and that is important.

I am a die-hard romantic. I love the idea of spending the whole day in bed with my lover. For me, romantic is all about getting caught up in the process of getting close to someone, and getting past all the obstacle we tend to throw in each other’s way.

I like to sacrifice something else because of having love. It’s obvious that this is a crazy life that we have. I don’t know how I would be on the other side. I’m not making any sacrifices. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. I’m never afraid to get close to someone. I’m not afraid of love.

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