Red colour adherent

I do really love red colour very much. Just think about it since when I started to love this colour. Erm….i think since my parents said they do not likes black colour and our family members can not wear black colour. By the way, they were trying to wash our mind and imbue with the traditional knowledge which red colour is the lucky colour and red colour were bring luck for us…So I nv weared black colour shirts when I was young and started to love red colour from that time….

The reason why I love red colour and turned my life into red colour is because of the same meaning with “your smile makes others people happy, which in turn makes you happy” I think this is the most easiest way to satisfy my parents happiness. So every time I go back hometown, definitely I will wear red colour from top to the bottom of my body….hahahaha…like a ghost..

Mostly everything of me are red in colour likes light red, chili red, pink colour, … red shoes, red stockings, red pants, red bikini, red bra, red underwear, red shirts, red phone, red phone cover, red digital camera, red digital camera cover, red phone/ digital hangers, red watch, red bags, red moneybag, pink shirts, pink crystal, pink shoes, pink mirror, pink umbrella, ………….

Besides that, my friends whoever closed to me also get influence on it…..hahaha…that’s good….. my life is full of red colour…ppl said red colour represent enthusiastic, open, outgoing, strong curiosity, like to take a risk……obviously, I am….




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