IJOK – Beggar’s chicken

Restaurant Name: New Beggar’s Delicious Resturant
The restuarant is located in a residential house at end of the road… It is non-airconditioned but is somewhat cool by the side of an oil palm plantation…

Favorite Dish: The speciality is, of course, beggar’s chicken… Besides that, there is also pig shoulder with yam, duck stuffed with Chinese mushrooms, 8-treasures glutinous rice, pig stomach soup… There are also seafood dishes as well…

For those unfamiliar with begger’s chicken, kumpung chicken is used for its preparation…. The chicken is stuffed with Chinese herbs and wrapped in aluminium foil and paper… It is then cover with clay and baked in an open brick oven using charcoal fire… This type of baking will infuse the meat with the herbal aroma and taste…

The restaurant is only opened for dinner only from 5.00pm to 10.00pm 3 days a week (ie Wednesdays, Saturdays ad Sundays).

Theme: Local
Prices: less than RM40
Phone: +603-3279-1936, +6019-317-3687
Address: Jalan Harmoni 2, Ijok, 45620 Selangor
Directions: From the KLumpur-Sg Buloh-KSelangor road, turn left about 500m from Ijok town… The road is in-between 2 sections of a timber sawmill… Go straight and turn left at the first junction… The restaurant is at the end of the road on the left side…





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